C/CS Mount Camera Color Camera
Walk Through Metal Detector
Telescopic Extension Search Mirror
Walky Talky
Hand Held Metal Detector
Alcohol Breath Analyser
Baggage Scanner
Door Frame Metal Detectors
Electronics Safety Devices
Hand Held Metal Detectors
Narcotics Detector / Drugs Detector
Reflective Jacket / Belts / Gloves
Telescopic Extension Search Mirror
Under Vehicle Search Mirror
Under Vehicle Camera Mirror
Walky Talky
Wheel Clamp
Under Vehicle Camera Mirror >
TESS 035

General Characteristics

  • Video Out: NTSC/PAL TV
  • Image Format: JPEG 800x600
  • Video Format: AVI 5fps 320x240
  • File Size Per Image: ~80KB (HQ) ~ 40KB (SQ)
  • File Size Per Video: ~600KB MJPEG, QVGA (320x240), 5fps
  • Multiple Image Capturing: Max. 10 images per activation
  • Image Capturing: Alarm Activated, Motion Detect or Manual Image Capturing
  • Storage Media: 2GB SD Card (Max. 40,000 Images)   

System Features

  • View Mode and Playback Modes
  • Different Video Channels and PIP (Picture in Picture) Features
  • Image Capture
    - Alarm Activated
    - Motion Detect
    - Manual Image Capture
  • Automatic Recording
  • Availability of Archiving, Moving, Deleting and Viewing Previously Captures Images and Video Files
  • Video Capture Length & Speed Selection Controls
  • Time stamp Feature
  • Image Quality Settings
  • Video Quality Settings
  • Among other Superiorities…