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Alcohol Breath Analyser >
Model : TESS 001
  • Product Specifications: Operating temperature: 0~60
  • Enhanced feature: Auto flow detect and Air-exit cleaning
  • Range: Low & 0.10 ~ 3.00 BAC,
  • Accuracy: ±0.01%BAC full range under alert point
  • Automatic flow detect: to monitor the continuous breath sampling
  • Calibration: Advance calibration function
  • Unit Conversion: BAC, %BAC and mg/l
  • Memories: 10 or more alcohol reading memories with time stamp
  • Power Input: Rechargeable/interchangeable battery (NOKIA standard)
  • Display: 2.4” display with 0.001%BAC resolution
  • Auto power off: 2 minutes
  • RTC & World time clock: Real time Clock in 12/24 hour format
  • Temp.: Temperature in ı andı
  • Breath sampling: about 7 seconds continuous breath sample
  • Cycle time: about 60 seconds
  • Unit Dimensions: 128 X 52 X15 mm approx.
  • Accessories: 1 pcs USB cable for charger (charger not included)
Model: TESS 002

Digital Alcohol Breath Analyzer

The Breath Analyzer is professionally designed and built by high technology of DSP microprocessor. It can provide you with immediate and accurate blood alcohol contents (B.A.C).It can be used at station,
office, company and home. Breath Analyzer can save up to 2000pcs test information contains test number, date, time, address,tester and result. Unit provided with extra mouthpieces for convenience.


  • Sensor : Advanced fuel cell alcohol sensor
  • Warm up times: less than 15 seconds (typical)
  • Memory : 2000 test records
  • Measuring range : 0.000 to 1.000mg /1 BAC ( or 0.000 to 0.200%BAC or 0.000 to 2.000%)
  • Recycle time: 15 seconds ( Typical)
  • Back Light : ( El back light)
  • Display: Photo dot matrix LCD
  • Mouth Piece: individually wrapped disposable
  • Size Alco PT: 15.5*6.6*2.8cm
  • Mini Printer/Size: Plain Paper / 15.5*10.5*4.1
  • Weight : Alco PT 168- 185 gms without batteries, Mini Printer -270gms
  • Power Supply : 4*1.5 V AAA batteries, 12V AC/DC adapter ( Battery and adaptor not incursive)
  • Temperature range : 0° − 50°C
  • CE approval
Model : TESS 003

The Alcohol Breath Tester is commonly used at home, bar, laboratory, Police,Militry,Airport or while you are on the road. Device provided with extra mouthpieces for convenience. Units activated through a micro switch, after a brief internal self test; the test subject blows through the sensor and result are converted and read within few.


  • Build in DSP microprocessor technology
  • CE approval by FIMKO
  • Warm up time: less then 20 seconds (typical)
  • Unique 4 digits LCD display
  • Auto adjust/reset, with reset button
  • Illumination button for use in dark ( Auto shut off after 10 seconds)
  • Power source: 3 X 1.5V AA regular batteries or rechargeable batteries or get the power supply from the cigrate lighter socket in car.
  • Size: 175 X 60 X 25 mm.
  • Measuring range: 0.000 to 1.000 mg/l BAC
  • Accuracy: . +/- 0.015%BCA at 0.05%BAC
  • Blowing time: 4 to 5 seconds continuously.
  • Automatic switch off after 30 seconds.
  • Calibration: Availed upon request (recommended every 12 months).
  • Removable mouthpiece, easy to clean and replace.
  • In Built Batteries with Charger

Breath Tester used as a monitor, it can indicate when equivalent blood alcohol percentages are below or above the legal limits.