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Door Frame Metal Detectors > Walk Through Metal Detector
Model : TESS 016
  • Door Frame Metal Detector detects a pistol even when concealed with ferrite rods in all six possible orientations
  • Two or more door Frame Metal Detector can operate at the same time and close together
  • Separate LED Indicator for ferrite detection
  • Clear passage
  • Micro Processor based technology
  • IR Sensors to avoid alarm indication for metal movement outside the frame
  • Counter six digit counter for counting automatically the number of visitors
  • Detects Ferrous, Non Ferrous, Ferrite Rods even when concealed in all six possible orientations.
  • LED bar graph with high intensity LED
  • Separate LED and alarm for Ferrite detection
  • Auto setting
Model : TESS 017
  • Six mutual overlapping detecting Zones, Microprocessor based technology.
  • Column Lamps on both Left and Right gate post
  • Three different alarms and all controls through Membrane Touch Switches
  • Side Panels are detachable for easy transportation.
  • Sensitivity 0~99
  • Sensitivity can be adjusted separately for all six zones independently.
  • Operates either through Remote or from control panel
  • Intelligent Counter for automatic counting for IN, OUT and  NET IN display.
  • Detects Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, Ferrite Rods and concealed with ferrite rods in all six possible orientations.
Technical Specifications:
  • Electric Current: AC100V ~ 240V/50Hz
  • Weight: 58 kg Power: <30W
  • Work Environment: -300 C ~ +550 C
  • Outer frame: 2200 (H) x 800 (W) x 500mm (D)
  • Inner frame: 2050 (H) x 700 (W) x 500mm (D)