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TESS 031

“NORKA” is unique portable X-ray inspection system with a minifocus and microfocus constant potential X-ray source. The voltage can be adjusted from 20 to 160kV. This allows inspecting objects made from different materials with varying density and thickness (20-70kV is the optimal voltage for checking mail and thin objects, while 100-160kV works best for baggage and thick objects). One of the advantages of this system is its ability to inspect areas of an object in fine detail using geometric magnification (up to 40 times).

Dual energy option allows recognizing organic and inorganic objects.

The images are reproduced on a display screen of the control unit in a positive / negative form, pseudo colours, with enhanced contrast or in dual energy mode. Zooming in on any of nine areas of the screen allows better identification. Obtained images can be stored in the control unit’s memory for further investigation or as a reference (up to 30,000 images). Stored images can also be edited and provided with additional text, graphics and voice information.

“NORKA” has a wide range of applications in customs, law enforcement, airport security, railway security and other areas:

  • Inspection of mail and small articles
  • Detection of weapons bombs wires and explosive devices in various packaging
  • Searching for concealed eavesdropping devices in furniture, Office equipment, etc
  • Non destructive testing and evaluation
  • The weight of the device is 165 gram (with batteries). The dimensions are 210x70x25 mm.

The “NORKA” X Ray system is easy to use reliable and completely safe in operation. It provides excellent detaching capability with no harmful effects on users or service personnel.