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Model : TESS 019
  • Detects items of all types of metal : ferous and non ferrous
  • Choice of sound alarm or silent vibrate aleram
  • Easy to use, 3 position switch for power, sound and vibrate
  • Sensitivity setting at optimum level-no tuning requied
Model : TESS 020
  • Fully Automatic self adjusting circuits.
  • “Variable Audio” gives an idea of quantity of metal detection.
  • Visual indication for metal detection, power, low battery and charge
  • High indication for metal detection, po
Model : TESS 021
  • This has cycle-switch to switch sound alarm and hidden vibration alarm respectively. Highly sensitive, defect ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal. It gives sound and light alarm simultaneously.
  • Alkaline cell (7V~9V) can work over 80 hours a